3265 Comfort Road | New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938-5625
Tel: (215) 297-1010


Some of the best gardens in Bucks County have been designed by Bruce Gangawer and planted by his hardworking crew. The most popular landscape by far is the natural looking one, but we can design and install anything a customer desires. We have designed and installed formal gardens, bog gardens, rock gardens, shade gardens and water features such as ponds waterfalls and streams. Add some more character with bridges, sitting areas, pergolas and rock formations!

With Bruce's design and our experienced, hard working crew, we can work with the customer to give you exactly what you dream your outdoor space to look like.

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Paxson Hill Farm     |  3265 Comfort Road   |   New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938-5625   |   Tel: (215) 297-1010   |   email: paxsonhill@aol.com